Our campground is located on the dike of the Markermeer. The Markermeer is named after the former island of Marken, once constructed as part of the Zuiderzee Works. In 1976, the Markermeer was created by the construction of the dike between Enkhuizen and Lelystad. The water was cut off from the sea and rivers. Where the reclamation of the Markerwaard was originally intended, open water has now emerged. Ideal for water sports.

Swimming facility

By means of stairs over the dike, the recreational beach with swimming jetty on the Markermeer can be reached. Due to the bay with shallow water very suitable for swimming or playing in the water. Enjoy bobbing with your rubber boat or air mattress!


The Markermeer is a beautiful cruising area for water sports. Virtually no other water in the Netherlands offers so many uncomplicated possibilities. Surfing, kiting or sailing, you can do it all on the Markermeer. From the mainland, the Markermeer is also a good place to be. No day is the same!