Reduction of tourist tax Edam-Volendam

As a camping site, we are pleased that the rate for campers is reduced to EUR 1.25 for 2018 😀.
For other holiday accommodations the new rate has been set at EUR 1.68.

Easter 2017

The campsite will be open as from Friday 30th March 2017. We are looking forward to Easter Holidays.

Mobile Cabin

As from 2016 you can rent a mobile cabin as well!

AED device

As from April 2015 the campsite has an AED device, located in the sanitary building.

Paved camper pitches

As from 2015 we offer paved camper pitches (ca. 90 m²), accessible through a paved path, with 6 ampere power supply and plenty of space for amongst others an additional tent.

New sanitary building as from 2014

As from 2014 we can offer you a brand new, heated, luxurious sanitary building with 5 showers, a family shower, 6 toilets, toilet/shower for disabled people, wash-cabins, dishwashing places, washing machine and drier. Hot water and shower: free of charge.

Cheese market Edam

The Edam cheese market is the most visited cheese market of the Netherlands. One of the most popular cheeses, Edam cheese, owes its name to this city. As in the past, the cheese is supplied by the farmers with small boats. The cheese is brought to the market by cheese carriers. There, they offer the cheese for sale to cheese traders. After being approved first by means of haggling, the ‘bargaining’, the price per kilo of cheese is set. The cheeses are then again loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the balance, ‘de waag’ where the weight is determined. The cheese is finally transported to the cheese store for ‘maturing’ by hors and original cheese carriage. Cheese market: Every Wednesday morning in July and August between 10.30 am and 00.30 pm.

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